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Drilling & Workover



Extended Reach Drilling


MME’s experienced consultants specializes in Extended Reach Drilling (ERD) and Deepwater HPHT Drilling. Our consultancy is an emerging leader in the design and supervision of complex ERD and deepwater wells. Our consultants provides complete well design, on-site drilling engineering supervision and training, advanced pore pressure modeling and analysis, and real-time wellbore stability/ geomechanics.



Centralizer & Casing Accessories


MME is the Malaysian exclusive agent for DrillMaco Casing Centralizer, a mechanical device secured around the casing at various locations to keep the casing from contacting the wellbore walls. As a result of casing centralization, a continuous annular clearance around the casing allows cement to completely seal the casing to the borehole wall.

Casing centralization is one of the key elements to ensure the quality of a cementing job by preventing mud channeling and poor zonal isolation. Centralizers can also assist in the running of the casing and the prevention of differential sticking.



Directional Drilling Consultancy & Services


We along with our partner are able to ensure reliability through systematic planning, competent and experienced personnel, as well as unsurpassed leading edge technology and in-house manufacturing. Our services are backed by high levels of health, safety and environment, quality and operational standards, as well as defined processes and procedures shaped by decades of industry experience.



Typical directional drilling services include:

  • Rig site supervision

  • Well planning

  • Drilling

  • Engineering support



Our directional drilling technology includes:

  • Drilling motors

  • Rotary Steerable System

  • MWD System (Dir-GR-Vibration)

  • LWD System (PWD, Resistivity)

  • Survey Systems (Single and Multi-Shot Electro-Magnetic Survey Systems)



Well Cementing


MME and our partner in well cementing creates and pumps cement into place in well-bore. Cementing is used to seal the annulus after a casing string has been run into the wellbore.


Cementing is done for different purposes, such as to protect and seal the wellbore from troublesome zone such as water zone, lost circulation, or thief zone, and also to protect and support casing from corrosive effects that formation fluids may have.


Regardless what environments and where the drilling locations are, our consultancy’s innovative technology in cementing offers a variety of solutions such as:


Cementing Services:

  • Primary Cementing

  • Remedial Cementing


We are supported by experienced workforce and cementing equipment with international standards.


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