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EPCC Services


MME offers a wide range of EPCC services offering feasible solutions to its customers. Our engineering team is able to value-add, given their extensive exposure in design, construction, fabrication and field engineering, with optimum use of technology and engineering to meet customer’s needs. 


The range of services under EPCC services includes the following : -


  • Feasibility study & conceptual design

  • Design engineering

  • Detailed engineering

  • Procurement

  • Project management

  • Construction

  • Fabrication services

  • Pre-commissioning

  • Alliancing contract execution



Other major areas of expertise provided include the following : -


Project Management Services

Providing project management and project control services covering : -


  • Project risk assessment

  • Project planning and scheduling

  • Project quality plan, inspection and test plan

  • Safety, health and environment

  • Project management and construction procedures

  • Local and global procurement capability

  • Cost control, with the aid of ERP software package - BAAN

  • Statutory submission and approval


Construction Management Services

Providing multi-discipline integrated management services covering : -


  • Fabrication & installation of piping, pressure vessels and steel structures

  • Offshore hook-up and commissioning, and retrofit works

  • Equipment installation

  • Electrical, instrumentation and control system installation / commissioning

  • Experienced construction supervision team

  • Comprehensive systems and procedures


Click here to view some of MME's past projects within this scope of work.


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