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Safe Welding Enclosures (Habitat)


The Hot-Hed Habitat™ Welding Isolation Chamber is a patented, portable, inflatable structure specifically designed to facilitate field welding. It is designed to be placed on off-shore platforms and eliminates the need for costly, time consuming shut-downs.


The Hot-Hed Habitat's walls expand to suit the available space on the platform and isolate the welding area, safely containing the heat-source by maintaining a positive air-pressure within. This positive-pressure system works in the same way as that of the accommodation block on an off-shore platform by creating a virtual air-lock within the Habitat and is maintained by means of continuous air-flow input and extraction.


The ratio of 2:1 input to extraction guarantees that the Hot-Hed Habitat is inflated at all times and that the air inside is always clean and free of outside contaminants.  Our patented welding chamber's airtight-construction gives a positive barrier between welding and flammables or adverse weather conditions. Perpetual movement of air within the Hot-Hed Habitat also ensures a comfortable and stable offshore working environment. 


Fumes circulating around the weld area are quickly dispersed outside to a safe, non-flammable area of the platform through flame-retardant, spiral ducting. This allows the occupants to carry out welding and fabrication safely, while working in an enclosed environment.  The welding chamber's floor and walls are manufactured from a light-weight, heat-resistant fabric which confines sparks and splatters. Custom-built sleeves slip easily over pipes and around beams to create a seal. 


The Habitat is placed around or over the area to be welded and secured and inflated using a blower which applies an air-input of between 700 and 1200 CFM and a positive pressure of between 10 and 20 Pascals. An additional exhaust blower provides positive pressure and constant air circulation inside the welding chamber. The blowers are available as air or electrically-driven units and can be located away from the Habitat itself.


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